Joined Pindrop as a Research Scientist specializing in Computer Science. My role involves the development of a robust deepfake detection system, aimed at addressing real-world challenges. My research interests include Deepfake detection, Speaker recognition and Anti-spoofing.

I graduated (Ph.D.) from Sorbonne University, France, worked in the Audio Security and Privacy group, supervised by Prof. Nicholas Evans. I have interned in the Voice-ID group at Amazon, USA in 2022.

  • June 2024: Three papers accepted at InterSpeech 2024.

  • May 2024: ASVspoof5 detection challenge (phase2) is now started. Check it out here.

  • January 2024: I joined Pindrop as a Research Scientist! I will be working on Audio deepfake detection.

  • Nov 2023: I will be delivering a talk with Prof. Massimiliano Todisco (EURECOM) on "From Artefacts to Insights: A Topical Analysis of Voice Biometric Security" at the Joint Workshop of VoicePersonae and ASVspoof 2023, Tokyo, Japan. For more information check it out here.

  • August 2023: Our paper entitled "t-EER: Parameter-Free Tandem Evaluation of Countermeasures and Biometric Comparators", accepted in IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence (TPAMI) 2023.

  • August 2023: I will be offering a tutorial on "Advances in audio anti-spoofing and deepfake detection using graph neural networks and self-supervised learning" at INTERSPEECH 2023 Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

  • July 2023: ASVspoof5 is now calling for spoofed speech data contributors. Check it out here.

  • May 2023: Two papers accepted at InterSpeech 2023.